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Web Data Loggers DL8 Series M-system

DL8 Series

Web Enabled Remote Terminal Unit
Use internet and your own smart phone to build up remote monitoring system

DL8 SeriesDL8 Series Demo Site

Functions & Features
Simple remote monitoring via internet without needing to build up a complex PC based system
Pre-installed user-friendly browser view for remote data access through smart phones or tablets
Four types of DL8 are available: Type A for ‘Browsing’ function with an internet browser; Type B added with ‘Reporting’ function by e-mails; Type C added with ‘Logging’ function with an SD card memory, and Type D with ‘I/O Mapping’ over Modbus/TCP network.
Various network protocols are usable: TCP/IP, SMTP client, HTTP server, FTP client and server, Modbus/TCP master and slave
R8 Series remote I/O modules available to accept a wide variety of field signals



● M-System Company does not provide smart phones and/or telecommunication services.

Model Features CE marking
DL8-A Web server Yes
DL8-B Web server + E-mailing Yes
DL8-C Web server + E-mailing + SD card logging Yes
DL8-D Web server + E-mailing + SD card logging
+ I/O mapping + I/O Marshalling Advanced View

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DL8 Series System Concept

M-System's model DL8 is a remote terminal unit with basic web server function. Various sensor signals are gathered from built-in I/O modules or remote I/Os connected through Ethernet Modbus/TCP, and monitored through Intranet or Internet using a web browser.

Function Diagram


Web Browser Views

Users do not need any additional application program to view the data. User-friendly browser views are already installed: Data, Trend and Event Log views. Each one is basic but useful, designed for ease of browsing on a small screen of smart phones and tablets.

Web Browser Views



DL8 Series Demo Site

Please follow the procedure below to view demonstration site.

DL8 Series Demo Site


1. Access to
Demo Site

User Defined View Sample

2. Enter
User Name: guest
Pass Word: guest

Supported environment
Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)
Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Firefox 53.0.3
Chrome 59.0.3071.86

DL8 Series Demo Site

Smart Phone

1. Access to
Demo Site

User Defined View Sample

2. Enter
User Name: guest
Pass Word: guest

Supported environment
Smart phone / Tablet
iPhone / iPad (iOS 10.3.2)
Android terminal (Android 6.0)
iOS: Safari
Android: Chrome


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