Oxford CMI 165

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Oxford CMI 165



Oxford/CMI CMI 165

Copper Thickness Measurement with Temperature Compensation


·         Measures hot or cold Cu on PCBs 

·         Reduce waste by eliminating the need for coupons 

·         Measures foil or laminated Cu thickness in μm,mils or oz 

·         Sort Cu by weight at incoming drilling, shearing or plating 

·         Quantify Cu thickness after etching or planarizing 

·         Verify Cu plating thickness on PCB surfaces

The CMI-165 provides unique temperature compensated Copper thickness measurements in an ergonomic hand-held device.

Measurements on Copper are affected by the temperature of the sample. The CMI 165 accounts for temperature in the measurement of thickness ensuring accurate in-process inspection results regardless of Copper temperature.

This versatile portable gauge equipped with protective case, has a rugged and durable design that allows it to be taken into the harshest environments


·         SRP-T1 Replaceable Probe Tip - no recalibration necessary 

·         Spare SRP-T1 ensures no factory downtime 

·         Illuminated probe tip for easy positioning on copper traces 

·         User Interface available in both English and Simplified Chinese


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