Oxford CMI 153

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Oxford CMI 153


Oxford/CMI CMI 153


·         Ideal metrology solution for Coating Inspectors, Electroplating Plants, Painting Contractors and Automotive & Aerospace Finishers

·         Measures non-conductive coatings over nonmagnetic conductive substrates

·         Paint & Powder Coats on Al, brass or Cu, Anodizes on Al etc.

·         Measures nonmagnetic coatings over magnetic (ferrous) substrates:

·         Paint & Powder Coatings, Zn or Cd on Steel

·         Accurately quantifies coating thickness after deposition


The CMI-153 features dual measurement technology that automatically detects either ferrous or non-ferrous substrates and then employs either magnetic induction or eddy-current technology. Built upon our highly successful CMI150 architecture, the CMI153 delivers an improved measurement probe with enhanced performance and superior substrate sensitivity.

Useful in a wide variety of settings, the CMI153 measures non-conductive coatings over non-ferrous substrates (primarily Al, Cu as close to 100% IACS conductivity is required) and non-magnetic coatings over ferrous substrates. The system was specially designed to handle the needs of platers, coaters, and quality professionals. 


·         Magnetic Induction: Conforms to ASTM B499 & B530, DIN 50981, ISO 2178 and BS 5411 Parts 9 & 11

·         Eddy Current: Conforms to ASTM B244 & B259, DIN 50984, ISO 2360 and BS 5411 Part 3

·         Instrument is a single-button handheld device powered by a 9V battery


Kit Includes: Shims, Belt Clips, Case, and Battery


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